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Antislavery Move't


Freedman Former slave
Nat Turner Former slave who lead a slave rebellion of slaves and free blacks
Abolition Movement Movement to end slavery whether formal or informal
Abolitionists A person who favours the abolitionists
William Lloyd Garrison A printer that lived in Boston, Massachusetts that became one of the leading abolitionists.
Fredrick Douglass Well known abolitionist, and a former slave whose booming voice filled lecture halls with touching stories about his difficulty of his life as a slave.
Gag Rule a law which prohibited debate and discussion in Congress on the subject of slavery.
The Grimke-weld Wedding abolitionists from throughout the U.S. gathered at the Philadelphia home of Anna R. Frost to witness what was, among abolitionists at least, the wedding of the century. Blacks and whites guests attended this wedding.
Theodore Weld student at the Lane Theological Seminary in Ohio that became a leading abolitionist.
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