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Imperialism 1865-98

New Manifest Destiny Shift from expansion west to expansion overseas
White Mans Burden Imperialist used this as justification for imperialism, saying that it was the American white man's responsibility to change the “less civilized nations”
Social Darwinism Theory that the elite rise to the top and they were born to be successful
That the west had been completely settled and the frontier was closed The 1890 census announced...
Alfred T Mahan Wrote “The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660–1783” in 1890
Venezuelan Boundary Dispute Disagreement between the US and Great Britain over the Venezuelan border with Columbia.
$7.2 million Alaska was purchased for this amount of money
Seward's Folly/Seward's Icebox What critics called the Alaskan purchase
Reciprocity Treaty of 1875 Free Trade agreement between the United States and Hawaii
McKinley Tariff Raised import rates on foreign sugar.
Independent Queen Liliuokalani wanted Hawaii to remain...
Teller/Platt Amendment said that the US could not annex Cuba after the Spanish-American War
USS Maine sent to Cuba to protect American interests in the war for Cuban Independence
Yellow Journalism Journalism that is exaggerated
Battle of Manila Bay Americans won the battle against Spain and gave the Philippines their independence from Spain.
Battle of San Juan Hill Victory for the United States behind Buffalo soldiers and the Rough Riders
The Treaty of Paris (1898) The Spanish gave up Cuba, the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico to the United States in this treaty
Anti-Imperialist League The league was created to oppose the annexation of the Philippines.
Emilio Aguinaldo Under the leadership of ________, the Philippines fought for their independence from the US.
Boxers Rebellion Rebellion by a patriotic Chinese group.
Open Door Policy Said that all nations would have an equal opportunities to trade in China.
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