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French Rev.

Review of Standard 7-3 including Napoleon Bonaparte

These church officials made up the First Estate in France? Clergy
These nobles made up the Second Estate in France? Aristocracy
These commoners, or middle class people, made up the Third Estate in France? Bourgeoisie
What estate was responsible for paying all of France's taxes and held no political rights? Third Estate
After his exile to Elba, Napoleon Bonaparte returned to reclaim his power, but was defeated at this place? Waterloo
Napoleon Bonaparte's final exile was an island in the middle of the South Atlantic called? St. Helena
What king and Marie Antoinette were beheaded for spending too much money and not providing rights to the Third Estate? Louis XVI
Louis XVI called up the Estates-General because he needed the First and Second Estates to start paying this? Taxes
The Third Estates created this government during a tennis court assembly that would give all males rights and limit Louis' power? National Assembly
The Third Estate created this constitution (social contract) on Louis XVI's tennis court, but Louis refused to sign it. Tennis Court Oath
These people used the guillotine to bring about quick and fast change during the French Revolution? Radicals
This blade device was used to execute thousands of conservatives during the "Reign of Terror?" Guillotine
This radical led the National Convention and the "Reign of Terror," but was later beheaded. Maximilien Robespierre
This government followed after the National Convention, but failed due to too many directors? Directory
This short, French military leader staged a coup d'etat in order to save France from its problems during the revolution? Napoleon Bonaparte
The rallying cry for Europeans who sought freedom from Napoleon's empire was 'liberte, egalite and what?' Fraternite
Who was the group of conservatives that decided tto end all revolutions and give the lands back to absolute monarchs? Congress of Vienna
Another name for 'social classes' Estates
These representatives from all three estates were called up by Louis XVI to pay their share of taxes? Estates-General
This bloody event during the French Revolution is when 25,000-40,000 conservatives were guillotined by radicals. Reign of Terror
Teachers, bankers, bakers, peasants and doctors all belonged to this estate? Third
These two estates paid no taxes and held all the power in France? First and Second
The fall of this hated French prison began the French Revolution? Bastille
The American Revolution and this event inspired the French Revolution. The Enlightenment
Radicals killed these people of the 1st and 2nd Estates during the French Revolution because they didn't want to change. Conservatives
Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette ruled France under this type of 'absolute' government? Unlimited
To self rule your own nation, or freedom? Nationalism
These ideas were spread by Napoleon's army to help them get their freedom? Enlightenment
Created by: jwhite85
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