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Crash Course U.S. History: Ford, Carter, and Economic Malaise

Crash Course U.S. History: Ford, Carter, and Economic Malaise
1. What was the big story of the 1970s? Economics
2. What long term process led to the economic downturn of the 1970s? The gradual decline of manufacturing in the U.S.
3. In what year did the U.S. first experience an export trade deficit? 1971
4. By 1970, what led employers to eliminate high paying manufacturing jobs, increase automation, and shifting workers to lower wage regions of the U.S. or overseas? Competition
5. By 1980, Detroit and Chicago lost what percentage of their manufacturing jobs? Half
6. In 1973, Middle Eastern Arab-states suspended oil exports to the U.S., quadrupling prices, due to the U.S.’s support of what country? Israel
7. What event sparked the 2nd oil shock in the U.S. in the 1970s? The Iranian Revolution
8. An increase in inflation (10%) and decrease in economic growth (2.4%) led to what? Stagflation
9. What was one of Ford’s first acts as president? To pardon Nixon
10. Who was elected president in 1976? Jimmy Carter
11. How did Carter try to fight inflation? He cut government spending, deregulated trucking and airline industry, and he raised interest rates
12. Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” speech ultimately called for what? Renewal of spirit
13. Carter’s big plan to solve the energy crisis was investment in what? Nuclear power
14. What probably was Carter’s greatest foreign policy accomplishment? The Camp David Accords: A peace agreement between Egypt and Israel
15. What event was caused by anti-American sentiment in Iran caused by the U.S. support of the Iran government? The Iranian Hostage Crisis
16. Carter claimed that the Soviet invasion of what country was the greatest threat to world peace since WWII? Afghanistan
17. What stated the U.S. would use force, if necessary, to protect its interests in the Persian Gulf region? The Carter Doctrine
18. The economic crisis of the 1970s dealt a serious blow to the consensus that government action could do what? Solve economic problems
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