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Age of Exploration

Review of Standard 7-1

The five mother countries are France, Spain, England, Portugal and who? The Netherlands
Which mother country conquered the most land claims in the Americas? Spain
This is a settlement created by the mother country for natural resources? Colony
This type of colony allowed the French and Dutch to have a friendly trade relations with the Native Americans? Trading-post
What European disease killed millions of Native Americans due to lack of immunity? Smallpox
The caravel made travel easier due these type of sails? Triangular
The Europeans used this substance to conquer over large amount of people and to conquer land? Gunpowder
This device read the sun and stars to determine time and location out at sea? Astrolabe
This magnetized needle determined direction? Compass
Crops grown for a profit are called this? Cash crop
To prevent their citizens from buying from their rivals, mother countries placed these on imported goods? Tariffs
This type of colony created was designed for settlement; it often forced Native Americans from their land? Settler
This type of colony favored by Portugal, Spain and England forced Native Americans to become slaves on their own land? Plantation
Merchants, artisans and shipowners made up this class of people who began to pocket some of the wealth during trade and exploration? Middle Class
This economic system is when the mother country builds up her supply of gold and silver by exporting more goods than she imports? Mercantilism
This economic system replaced mercantilism as people began to privately own property for a profit? Capitalism
What caused African families and communities to split and fall apart? Slave trade
Trade and exploration between Europe, Africa and the Americas take place across what ocean? Atlantic
Who kidnapped and captured Africans as slaves and sold them to Europeans for goodies? Africans
The middle class all worked together and exchanged goods and services with one another in this type of economy? Market economy
Known as "redemptioners," these temporary white servants served seven years in servitude to work off their debts before gaining their freedom? Indentured
What was one of the first permanent settlements by the English created for economic opportunities? Jamestown
According to the colonies map, who has the most land claims on the eastern coast of South America? Portugal
According to the colonies map in your notebook, who has the most land claims on the eastern coast of North America? Great Britain
For mother countries to achieve a favorable balance of trade, she must do this? export more, import less
Other than England, what two mother countries had the worst relations with the Native Americans? Portugal and Spain
What two mother countries had the friendliest relationship with the Native Americans? France and the Netherlands
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