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what is the big theme God keeps his covenant to Israel by choosing Ezra and Nehemiah to lead the people back from exile to rebuild Jerusalem.
What role does tradition play in helping form (or reestablish) a community? Why was social renewal as important as spiritual renewal for rebuilding of Jerusalem? tradition brings people together
Destruction from war and neglect (Nehemiah 1:1-3) disrepair
During the 70 years the leader of Judah were in exile, the city of Jerusalem falls into _____ disrepair
It has been ravaged by the ____ _____and also erosion due to neglect military campaign
The destruction from war and neglect leaves Jerusalem in total ruin
rebuilding the ____ (Ezra 1-6) temple
God prompts ____, king of Persia, to finance and rebuild the Jewish temple in ______ Cyrus; Jerusalem
Under ______(a notable Jewish figure in Persia), the rebuilding of the temple starts. Zerubbabel
The ____around Jerusalem start opposition against the building project Gentiles
______ and _____, 2 prophets living in Jerusalem at that time, urge the restoration of the temple and it is finally competed Haggai and Zechariah
spiritual rebuilding (Ezra 7-10) people
The temple being rebuilt is parallel to the _____ ____the people of Israel undergo spiritual rebuilding
Temple worship had been discontinued for __ years 70
__studied the Law of the Lord, practices it and begin to teach the Law to the Israelites as they return from exile Nehemiah, a Jewish notable serving Artaxerxes, king of Persia is burdened with rebuilding the walls ezra
restoration complete (Nehemiah) walls
Not all the Jews return, but those that return to Jerusalem find that the temple is built but the walls of the city are _____ ___ ____ still broken down
______, a Jewish notable serving Artaxerxes, king of Persia is burdened with rebuilding the walls Nehemiah
___is given permission and financing by the king of Persia Nehemiah
Created by: Lauren Bowers
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