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S. S. Ch. 15

Angelina Grimke White, rich, southern bell, helped Garrison with newspaper, thought slavery was sinful
William Lloyd Garrison Abolitionist, protester, The Liberator, thought slavery was sinful, give meaning to his life
The Liberator Antislavery newspaper written by Garrison
Gag rule Denied petitions of abolishing slavery
Compromise of 1850 California became a free state
Popular Sovereignty Divide into UT and NM
Fugitive Slave Act State, local officials to aid in escaped slaves
Harriet Beecher Stowe Lost son due to sickness, felt empathy for slave families that were broken up, helped runaway slaves, wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Fredrick Douglass Runaway slave, later freed, speeches, autobiography, wrote North Star (newspaper)
Bleeding Kansas A mob pillaged Lawrence, Kansas
John Brown White, born in NY, thought is was sinful and was sent by God to abolish slavery, solved slavery with violence
Sumner vs. Brooks Brooks beat Sumner in Congress
Republican Party Firmly opposed expansion of slavery
Dred Scott Slave owned by John Emerson, once E. died, Scott asked for freedom by SC, they rejected
Harper's Ferry Brown seized arsenal 10/16, gave weapons to slaves but none came, Robert E. Lee put down rebellion, Brown was hung
Election of 1860 Lincoln became 16th president
Secession SC secedes along with AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, and TX
Confederacy North forms Confederate States of America
Jefferson Davis President of Confederate States of America
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