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U.s history Study

answers to Mrs picketts study guide

Gettysburg= turning point of civil war.
before burning Atlanta General Sherman ordered all civilians to leave.
Union's defeat at the First battle of Bull Run prompted by Lincoln to increase enlistment to 500,00 for 3 years.
Battle of Antietam bloodiest on day battle in the war; also South lost its best chance at gaining international recognition and support.
War democrats vs. Peace democrats Peace democrats= copperheads
Trent affair brought the union close to war with Britian
Advantages and strategies of N&S at the start of the civil war, the south had more trained military leaders and most of the country's military colleges.
North larger population, more industry, more miles of railroad tracks.
Norths plan proposed blockading confederate ports, controlling the Mississippi river with gunboats, and dividing the confederacy and exhausting its resources, forcing surrender.
Finances for N&S South suffered more inflation and critical shortages during the Civil war than the North.
Finances for North the north experienced an economic boom because of the civil war.
the Legal tender act allowed the government to issue paper money, which came to be known as greenbacks, because of its color.
Robert E. Lee did not accept command of the union troops because he could not fight against Virginia.
Lincoln fired McClellan he gave command to a series of generals including: Burnside, Hooker, Meade, Grant.
Militia act Introduced by Congress in the summer of 1862, required states to draft people by military service called conscription.
Anaconda Plan Proposed by Winfield Scott
Emancipation Proclamation Announced freedom for enslaved persons only in states in rebellion(states at war with Union).
54th Massachusetts regiment & African Americans in the war among the first African American regiments officially organized in the North, fought valiantly at Fort Wagner.
Clara Barton Decided to leave her job in a patent office to nurse soldiers on the battlefields.
Elizabeth Blackwell led to the creation of the United States Sanitary Commission.
Florence Nightingdale Inspired American women to take on nursing tasks in army hospitals.
Appomattox Lee surrendered to Grant here, ending the Civil War.
Lincoln's assassination Assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.
13th amendment banned slavery in the U.S.
Siege cutting off supplies and bombarding the city until its defenders gave up.
Created by: Katwill678
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