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Bill of Rights Test

What I need to know for my Bill of Rights test

name of amendment I Freedom of Expression
name of amendment II Right to Bear Arms
name of amendment III Quartering
name of amendment IV Unreasonable Search and Seizure
name of amendment V Right to the Accused
name of amendment VI Speedy and Fair trial
name of amendment VII Civil Trials
name of amendment VIII Cruel and Unusual Punishment
name of amendment IX "Powers Reserved to the People"
name of amendment X "Powers Reserved to the State"
Main idea of Tinker vs. Des Moines students wore black arm bands protesting the war. Freedom of Speech.
Main idea of Schenck vs. United States Schenck gave out anti-war pamphlets and was arrested and his actions were unprotected because of the timing.
Main idea of Texas vs. Johnson People burned a flag as a form of expression, and is protected by the first amendment because Freedom of Expression.
Main idea of Safford Unified School District vs. Redding They found the day planner of a girl with a few pills in it and searched her whole body and undergarments. Girl sued the school.
Main idea of T.L.O vs. New Jersey teacher saw girl smoking in the bathroom and he searched through the girls purse and found more drugs and money.
Main idea of Heller vs. District of Columbia a police officer wanted to get permission to have a hand gun in his home.
Main idea of Miranda vs. Arizona a man was found guilty or ape and kidnapping, but his rights were violated when getting the confession
Amendment article of the constitution
Obscenity Words that have no redeeming value
Quartering providing accomodation
Seizure act of catching someone or something by force
Warrant a document that gives police or others permission to search, arrest, etc.
"Probable Cause" reasonable grounds
"Reasonable Suspicion" enough to do a brief stop, but not a full search
Miranda Rights The list of rights that are read to you when you are getting arrested.
Criminal Trial broke the law
Civil Trial sued or sueing
"Cruel and Unusual Punishment" punishment that is extreme such as torture
Slander make wrong statements about someone by speech
Libel make wrong statements about someone by writing
Prior Restraint the government cannot prevent information form being published.
Eminent Domain the right for the government to take private property and pay to make it public.
Created by: edenbreslauer