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Triple Entente One of the two main alliances in World War I (Russia, France, and Britain), also called "The Allies"
Central Powers Second of the two main alliances in World War I (Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire)
Archduke Ferdinand Heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, assassinated by a Serbian
Heir to the Throne The person who becomes king or queen once the current king or queen is unable to rule
Zimmerman Telegram A secret telegram from Germany to Mexico. It brought the US out of Neutrality.
Committee on Public Information Created by President Wilson to increase American support for the war through Propaganda
Lusitania A passenger ship sunk in British waters by a German U-Boat. The sinking angered Americans.
The Big Four The leaders of Italy, the US, France, and Britain
Treaty of Versailles The peace agreement between the Central Powers and the Allies that ended World War I
President Woodrow Wilson 28th President of the United States. He established Moral Diplomacy, and led the U.S. during World War I.
Allies This was another name for the Triple Entente. The United States joined this alliance in 1917.
Civilian A person who is not a member of the armed forces during a war
Luddendorff's Spring Offensive Germany's big push into French territory toward Paris to try to win the war (1918)
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