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Japan/N&SKorea/Vietnam Unit Test

Archipelago A group of islands
Autocracy North Korea's system of government
Capital goods Machinery, equipment, technology, factories
Ceremonial The emperor of Japan's power is now mainly ___ following WWII
Cold War Time of tension between the US and the Soviet Union following WWII
Command North Korea's economic system
Communism Ideal that the Soviet Union held; its allies could introduce it to other countries like Korea and Vietnam
Constitutional monarchy Japan's government is a __ __ meaning the emperor's power is limited by laws
Containment The idea of ___ states that the US will aid any democratic country being threatened by communism
Diet The legislative branch of the Japanese government that chooses the Prime Minister
DMZ Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea
Domino theory The idea that if one country falls to communism, then others will follow
Education Japan values ___ as a way to improve its human capital resources
Embargo Ban on trade for political reasons, like the US has with North Korea
Export A good or service produced in the home country and sold to another country
France Vietnam was once a colony of ___
GDP The amount of money a country earns from items it produces
General MacArthur US General that was responsible for overseeing US support in Japan after WWII
Hiroshima The first of 2 Japanese cities to be bombed by the US with an atomic bomb
Nagasaki The second of 2 Japanese cities to be bombed by the US with an atomic bomb
Ho Chi Minh Communist leader of North Vietnam; nationalist who led Vietnam to independence from France
Import When trading, bringing in resources from other areas; the Japanese ___ much of their food
Investment Japan's economy is successful because of the government's ___ in capital goods
Kami The Shinto belief that all things have a spirit, like the typhoon that blew back Mongol invaders is considered a "divine wind" or kamikaze
Military After WWII, Japan was prevented from rebuilding its ___ and could never declare war on another country
Nationalism A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one's country
Natural resources Raw materials supplied by nature that come from the earth, the water, or the air and are used to produce goods
North Korea Of the 2 Koreas, it is a communist dictatorship
Pearl Harbor US naval base in Hawaii that was attacked by the Japanese in 1941; this attack brought the US actively into WWII
Peninsula A piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides, like where North and South Korea are located
Prime Minister Japan's Diet (legislature) chooses this leader
Ring of Fire A geographic zone that extends along the rim of the Pacific Ocean and has numerous volcanoes and earthquakes
Samurai Class of warriors in early Japan
Seafood Because Japan is mainly mountainous and has little farmland, much of the Japanese diet consists of ___
Shinto Religion that originated in Japan that includes the belief that all things in nature have a spirit
South Korea Of the 2 Koreas, it is a democratic country with a mixed-market economy
Specialization Goods and services are produced in better quality, quantity, and speed when people focus on producing a few things instead of making everything they want by themselves (like Japan's auto or tech industries)
Starvation Because North Korea has poorly organized farming, many people have faced ___
Subsidy A government payment that supports a business or market
Tariff A tax on imported goods
Technology and automobile 2 industries in Japan that are successful and create many items for export
Tokyo The world's most densely populated city
Unitary Type of government where power is held by the central government, like in Japan
Viet Cong Communist guerrillas fighting in the Vietnam War
Vietnam Country that reunited its North and South after US troops withdrew in 1975
Created by: MrsRidley
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