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US His. Chap. 11-12

U.S. His. Chap 11-12

1. facism a political system headed by a dictator that calls for extreme nationalism and often racism and no tolerance of opposition
2. collective a farm, especially in communist countries, formed from many small holdings collected into a single unit for joint operation under governmental supervision
3. appeasement giving in to unjust demands in order to avoid all-out conflict
4. internationalism a national policy of actively trading with foreign countries to foster peace and prosperity
5. strategic materials items needed for fighting a war
6. concentration camp a camp where persons are detained or confined
7. extermination camp a camp where men, women, and children were sent to be executed
8. disenfranchise to deprive of the right to vote
9. cost-plus a government contract to pay a manufacturer the cost to produce an item plus a guaranteed percentage
10. Sunbelt a new industrial region in Southern California and the Deep South that developed during WWII
11. zoot suit men's clothing of extreme cut typically consisting of a thigh-length jacket with wide padded shoulders and baggy, pleated pants with narrow cuffs
12. victory suit a men's suit with no vest, no cuffs, a short jacket, and narrow lapels, worn during WWII in order to save fabric for the war effort
13. rationing restricting the amount of an item an individual can have due to a limited supply
14. victory garden garden planted by citizens during war to raise vegetables for home use, leaving more for the troops
15. amphtrac an amphibious tractor used to move troops from ships to store
16. kamikaze during WWII, a Japanese suicide pilot whose mission was to crash into his target
17. periphery the outer boundary of something
18. convoy system a system in which merchant ships travel with naval vessels for protection
19. hedgerow an enclosure made of dirt walls covered in shrubbery built to fence in cattle and crops
20. napalm a type of jellied gasoline
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