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STARR Vocab #8

Sets 15-16

The power to reject a bill passed by a Congressional body typically made by the President of the U.S., Veto
A devastating food shortage Famine
Summarized information obtained by the analysis of facts. Generalizations
A meeting of members of a legislative body. Caucus
Factors that influence ongoing development of and events in history by both people, and environment. Physical and Human Factors
To hold a person into involuntary servitude Bondage
Someone that begins a business, taking of the financial risk associated with a new business Entrepreneaur
A large area of rural scenery. Landscape
A period of time marked by distinctive characteristics. Era
The limited or incomplete evidence of the historical record is called...... Point of View, Frames of Reference and Historical Context
Money or another medium of exchange. Currency
To inflict pain and suffering on a person, or group is to have.... Malice
The factors that have led to the political divisions in the country. Points of View of political parties
An example of a ______________is distributions of population ranking by state. Thematic Map
The study of how things are randomly distributed across the planet. Geographic Distributions and Patterns.
The range or authority of a particular area. Jursidiction
When one culture merges its culture with that of another. Assimilation
A style in art and literature that took a more playful outlook on life. Romanticism
When a large area is given to a community. Land Grant
The managed preservation, and protection of important landscapes and natural resources. Conservation
Certain areas have similar traits, these can both be physical and human Physical and Human Characteristics of Places
The act of Buying and selling of goods on a large scale. Commerce.
Created by: Debra R