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GP 2 Common Assessme


Why did Washington send in so many troops to put down the whiskey rebellion? 1. To show the government was in charge 2. To maintain national security 3. To send a message that taxes are necessary
What were the two arguments that came up at the Constitutional Convention? 1. representation of the big states vs. Representation of the small states 2. How to count slaves for representation
How was the argument about how to count slaves resolved? 3/5 Compromise
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
When was the Declaration of Independence written? July 4, 1776
What is the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? So that the USA can separate from Britain and form their own country.
Thomas Jefferson respected what English philosopher? John Locke
John Locke's declaration of Natural rights says______________. This can also be answered by saying "John locke said_________________________" If your government doesn't give you life, liberty and the right to own property, overthrow it
Did Thomas Jefferson include John Locke's ideas in the Declaration of Independence? Yes
How did the Great Awakening contribute to the idea that America should break away from England? It taught us that God is our only true leader and we don't have to listen to the King.
What was the purpose of the Federalist Papers? To convince people to love the Constitution.
How did Sam Adams achieve his personal goal of America separating from England? He was a member of the Son's of Liberty
How did Daniel Shays achieve his personal goal of fighting high taxes? He led a rebellion of Massachusetts farmers.
What are the 3 branches of government? legislative executive judicial
What is a tariff? A tax on imported goods
The states rights theory was crested so that Jefferson could avoid what acts passed by John Adams? Alien and Sedition Acts
What was the first document to govern the USA? The Articles of Confederation
What laws were included in the Northwest Ordinance? 1. No slavery in the land 2. Everyone can travel the rivers 3. Right to a trial by jury
What was wrong with The Articles of Confederation? The federal government was too weak and the state governments were too strong
Who was Washington's secretary of the Treasury? Hint: he created the tariff system Alexander Hamilton
Created by: jzajac
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