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GP 1 Common Assessme


What is Mercantilism? To produce wealth for your country through trade
Did English people come to (Jamestown)America looking for gold? Yes
Did the Portuguese create a colony in Brazil? Yes
Did Quakers come to Pennsylvania looking for a place to worship freely? Yes
Are people from Africa European? No
What was the main goal for Spanish exploration? Gold
Which group has a chance at a happier future, slaves or indentured servants? indentured servants
What was the House of Burgessess? Early representative government in Jamestown
What was the Massachusetts General Assembly? Early representative government in Massachusetts
What were town meetings? Early representative government in colonial towns
What was a royal colony? A colony owned by a king, where the king made all decisions.
List 3 reasons Africans made better slaves than Native Americans. 1. Africans were used to hard work 2. Africans didn't have any relatives nearby that could help them escape. 3. Africans had strong immune systems
List 4 characteristics of New England Colonies. 1. Many ports-shipbuilding is a major industry 2. Fishing is a big part of the economy 3. Timber is a big industry 4. Long cold winters, short growing season
Why were the Spanish able to take over the Aztecs and Incas so easily? 1. Spanish brought over diseases 2. Spanish has superior weapons and soldiers 3. Spanish made alliances with other native tribes
Created by: jzajac