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Civil War

Lilli's Civil War Study Guide

What were the primary industries of the North and South? Factories/Cotton Plantations
What is an abolitionist? People who wanted to end slavery now
Name 2 Famous Abolitionists (William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas) and their effect on the anti-slavery movement: Authors, spokespeople
What was the Underground Railroad? A series of houses to help slaves runaway
Who was the famous conductor on the Underground Railroad who was a former slave? Harriet Tubman
Compare and contrast differences between the North and the South: North - Urban/factories and South -Rural/plantations
What was the Fugitive Slave Law? Any slave that escaped had to go back
Who was Harriet Beecher Stowe? The author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Who first suggested for the South to secede? John C. Calhoun
What does it mean to secede? Break away
What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Repealed the Missouri Compromise
Who was Dred Scott and what were the results of his trial? Officer of the US Army, slave, trial was not successful
What was John Brown's plan? To attack the arsenal at Harpers Ferry (failed)
Who won the election of 1860? Lincoln
Where were the first shots fired in the Civil War? Fort Sumter
Where was the first land battle of the Civil War and who won the battle? Bull Run - Confederate Army won
What was the name of Winfield Scott's plan and what did it propose? Anaconda plan - proposed strategy for subduing seceding states
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? A paper that Lincoln made to free slavery
Wo was the General for the Union Army? Confederate? Grant/Lee
Who was stonewall Jackson and why do we remember him today? General for confederate army - His death was a huge blow to the confederate army and a boost to the Union & General Lee
What was the formal name the confederacy gave to their newly formed nation? Confederate States of America
Who was its president? Jefferson Davis
Who was the founder of the American Red Cross? Clara Barton
Why was the battle of Gettysburg so significant? Turning point
Who won the Civil War Union
Who assassinated President Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
What did the 14th amendment state? Defines the rights of Citizens & voting rights
abolitionist A person opposed to slavery and in favor of ending it right away
arsenal a building where weapons are stored
blockade a military strategy that aims to cut off supplies going in and out of an area
compromise a settlement of difference between two or more sides reached by each side giving up some of what it wanted
fugitive one who flees or tries to escape
urban having to do with cities or towns
rural having to do with the countryside and agriccure
secede to withdraw formally from an organization or a nation
Created by: weirfamily
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