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Vocabulary Week 1


pessimistic (adj.) Having or showing a lack of hope for the future; expecting bad things to happen. Synonym: gloomy. Most doctors were pessimistic that a cure could be found.
dormant (adj.) Not doing anything at this time; not active but with the ability to become active. Synonyms: asleep, inactive. The seeds will remain dormant until the spring. Her emotions have lain dormant for years.
sallow (adj.) Slightly yellow in a way that appears unhealthy. After a week spent in bed with the flu, he was still rather sallow.
ruddy (adj.) Having a healthy reddish color. Synonym: reddish. The girl has a ruddy face.
sinister (adj.) Having an evil appearance; looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous to happen. The movie relies too much on sinister background music to create the suspense.
menacing (adj.) To threaten harm to (someone or something). Synonym: endanger. She menaced the dogs by leaving them in the car unattended.
sadistic (adj.) Gets joy from being violent or cruel or from causing pain; Finds delight in cruelty. He was a troubled youth with a streak of sadism in him.
deceitful (adj.) Not honest; making or trying to make someone believe something untrue. Synonyms: deceptive, dishonest, fraudulent The deceitful salesman neglected to mention some important information about the car.
reformatory (n.) A penal institution to which especially young or first offenders are committed for training and reformation (improving themselves by correcting faults and problems).
domicile (n.) A dwelling place; a place of residence. Synonym: residence. Students must establish a domicile in the state to be eligible for reduced college tuition.
query (n.) A question or a request for information about something. Synonyms: question, inquiry. I have a query about my other.
sensible (adj.) Having or showing good sense or judgment; designed to be comfortable, useful, etc., rather than stylish. Synonyms: rational, reasonable. My teacher gave me some sensible advice. She wore a sensible coat.
impassive (adj.) Not showing emotion. Synonyms: stoic, apathetic. Her face remained impassive throughout the trial.
abundant (adj.) Existing or occurring in large amounts. Synonym: plentiful. Rainfall is more abundant in late spring. It is the most abundant bird in the forest.
cryptic (adj.) Difficult to understand; having or seeming to have a hidden meaning. Synonyms: mysterious, enigmatic. Unfortunately, his instructions were cryptic.
dejected (adj.) Sad because of loss, failure, etc. Synonyms: disheartened, depressed. The dejected players left the field.
benevolent (adj.) Kind and generous; organized to do good things for other people.
punctual (adj.) Arriving or doing something at the expected or planned time. Synonyms: prompt, timely. She appreciated the punctual delivery of the daily mail.
condemn (v.) To say in a strong & definite way that someone/something is bad or wrong; to give (someone) a usually severe punishment; to cause someone to suffer or live in difficult or unpleasant conditions. We strongly condemn this attack. Schools condemn cheating.
sage (adj.) Very wise; wise through reflection and experience. Her mother made a sage suggestion that she think long and hard before deciding to marry at such a young age.
blatant (adj.) Very obvious and offensive. Synonyms: clamorous, obtrusive, obvious. He showed a blatant disregard for the safety of other drivers.
plush (adj.) A thick, soft fabric; very fancy and usually expensive. The hotel accommodations were plush.
crater (n.) A large, round hole in the ground made by the explosion of a bomb or something falling from the sky. Scientists believe the enormous crater was created by the impact of a meteorite thousands of years ago.
Created by: Kassiemail7
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