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staar 2014

mrs t's 2014 staar test

the 13th amendment to the US Constitution affected the lives of millions of African Americans by - guaranteeing their permanent freedom from slavery
As a result of the Oregon Treaty, the United States achieved its goal of expanding westward to the Pacific Ocean
Both Texas and California had both been previously owned by Mexico
Why did the Anti-Federalists demand that a bill of rights be added to the US Constitution to protect individual freedoms from the federal government
The Gadsden Purchase was intended to - support settlement of US territory gained through the US - Mexican War
The innovation of the steamship most affected the US economy by - allowing a more efficient movement of goods
The Sons of Liberty were upset over the imposed taxes upon them without their consent due to - economic policies imposed by Great Britain following the French and Indian War
Why did the economies of western territories develop so differently from the economies of the Northeast and South Western territories had inexpensive land and abundant natural resources
Further colonization of the Americas by European countries is prohibited - this is from what the Monroe Doctrine
the Second Great Awakening was a movement that promoted spiritual revival and the need for social reform
John Marshall did the following * Promoted the public good * Maintained a strong sense of duty * Used clear language to discuss complex issues and - wrote the Supreme Court decision that established the principle of judicial review
The authors of The Federalist Papers most likely would have agreed that on what about our government that we needed a stronger central government will make the country more stable and prosperous
The 15th amendment gave African Americans the right to vote
"He had refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good" - Declaration of Independence 1776. Is reflected in the US Constitution by - Congress can override a presidential veto with a two-thirds majority vote in both houses
Industrialization in the US during the mid-nineteenth century led to people moving to the cities in search of economic opportunty
The election of Hiram Rhodes Revels in 1870 was significant because he was the first African American to - serve as a member of the US Senate
*Bonds and currency with little to no value *Bank failures and bankrupt businesses *Destroyed railroads, farms, and homes *High food prices and widespread crop failures all describe conditions found in the southern states at the beginning of Reconstruction
Unalienable Rights - Life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness - were listed by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence
The War of 1812 affected the US economy by - an increase in manufacturing
One major effect of the Erie Canal on the US in the early nineteenth century rapid growth of cities in the Northeast
In 1832 the Supreme Court ruled the Georgia did not have legal authority over the Cherokees living in the state. President Andrew Jackson responded to this decision by ignoring the ruling and allowing Georgia to evict the Cherokee Nation
"All knew that this interest was, somehow, the cause of the war. To strengthen, perpetuate, and extend this interest was the object... President Lincoln second inaugural address What does "this interest" refer to slavery
From 1690 to 1760, Parliament and the king of England allowed colonists in America to exercise a great deal of control over local and regional matters. Or "salutary neglect" What happened as a direct result of this policy the colonies developed a strong tradition of self government
The Northwest Ordinance is considered a historical milestone because it established a method for admitting new states to the Union
The Emancipation Proclamation 1863, and the Conscription Act of 1863, both led to riots in New York City in 1863 to protest the draft. This riot targeted military and buildings, and the homes of well-known Republicans. And were a result of economic uncertainty faced by the working class
One advantage the Confederacy had over the Union during the Civil War was that Confederate forces had - knowledge of the terrain where most battles were fought
Thomas Hooker who established the first English settlement in Connecticut believed that government should rest on the free consent, he - extended voting rights beyond the church members
The Compromise of 1850 allowed certain territories to use popular sovereignty to determine whether the territory would be free or slave. This decision applied to much of the land gained from the - US -Mexican War
An example of civic duty is - jury duty
The Fourth Amendment protects us from - excessive surveillance by the government
The Temperance movement was for - discouraging the consumption of alcoholic beverages
The First Amendment guarantees Freedom of religion
Eli Whitney's cotton gin allowed for raw cotton to be cleaned easier. This led to what in the South the demand for slaves increases in the South
What economy is best described by the following *Limited government interference in business *Prices determined by supply and demand *Private owners receive the profits Free Enterprise
The Constitution describes two ways to propose and amendment. One way is two-thirds of both congressional houses vote in favor of proposing the amendment
Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans emerged as a separate political parties partly as a result of disagreement over - how the nation should develop economically
The bombardment of Fort Sumter is significant to the Civil War because - the Confederate attack initiated the war
What is the primary reason France thought to colonize North America to profit from trading furs and other goods
One of the mining for gold techniques involved pumping water through a hose and pointing the hose at the hillside from which they were trying to extract gold. This technique had what effect on the local environment river became filled with sediment
The Article of Confederation allowed each state only one vote in Congress. The more populous states had this concern about this arrangement Should more populous states receive greater representation
The following points would most likely be included in an essay about what *the US population grew from more than 5 million in 1800 to just over 23 million by 1850 *Financial panics in 1819 and 1837 *Land ownership was linked to wealth and independence the emergence of Manifest Destiny
Those in favor of ratifying the Constitution would most likely point out to those against it - power is divided between the federal government and the state government
How did the factory system contribute to the rapid industrialization of the US by making the production of goods more efficient
As a result of the Fugitive Slave Law many Northerners now supported - the abolitionist movement
According to Alexander Hamilton, what action was necessary to ensure the stability of the nation's economy the establishment of a national bank
Grimm Brothers' fairy tales, Kindergarten, Meat curing and sausage making, and Polka Music all came from- German Americans
Created by: stallarita
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