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Hungarian List 10

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-10

azonnal immediately, right away, instantly
mi van? What's up? What is it? What is in...?
ha if
hova to where
akasztó hanger
vám customs
szerencsés lucky, good (as in have a good trip)
korán early
késő late (as in it's getting late)
törni to break
nincs or nincsen there isn't, you aren't, he, she, it isn't (sing. form, both have the same meaning)
érteni (FVs) to understand
előre ahead, along, forward, in advance, beforehand
ezek/azok these/those
ár price
sovány slim
alacsony short
magas tall
hölgy lady
hely seat, place
foglalni to occupy, to reserve
helyet foglalni to take a seat, to sit down
szék chair
biztosan surely
meddig how long, to what time?
üzlet, bolt shop, store, business
elég enough, sufficient
kapni to get, to receive
olcsó/olcsóbb/legolcsóbb cheap/cheaper/cheapest
oda there (to that place)
ide here (to this place)
minőségi quality (used as an adjective)
sötét dark (color)
világos light (color)
zakó suit jacket
alsónadrág underwear
méret size, measurement (in clothing)
mit jelent what does it mean?
súlyos heavy (weight)
könnyű light (weight)
eladó salesclerk
hasonló similar, like
kirakat show window
kiváló excellent
anyag material, fabric, cloth
felpróbálni to try on
hossz length (how long something is)
tükör mirror
szappan soap
világ world
Created by: ezuelke