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Tx in Civil War

Social Studies Eric

farming many people who came to Texas made their money by, crops were produced to sell
plantations very large farms
African American slaves many of the workers on the farms and plantations
1 in every 4 people in Texas by 1860 farms grew and so 1 of every 4 were slaves
issues that landowners in the South had said they needed slaves to run their farms, they couldn't make money without them, they also thought all states should have the right to reject laws they didn't like
issues that people in the North had said all humans should be free, they also believed all states should follow the nations's laws
Abraham Lincoln president of the US in 1860, he did not believe in slavery
South Carolina first southern state to secede or seperate from the US and 6 other states quickly followed
Texas seceded on March 2, 1861
Civil War war between Northern and Southern states lasted for 4 bloody years. First shot was fired at Fort Sumter in South Carolina
General Robert E Lee main Confederate general
Ulysses S Grant general of Union troops
women and other Texans who didn't fight stayed at home and kept farms and businesses running and women made uniforms, blankets, tents, bandages
Union ships blocked ships from coming into ports, the Gulf of Mexico
October 1862 Union captured he port of Galveston Harbor, within months eh Confederates took it back
September 1863 4000 Union soldiers tried to capture the Sabine Pass
April 1865 Confederacy surrendered
May 13, 1865 last battle fought of the Civil War, Battle of Palmito Ranch near Brownsville
Emancipaton Proclamation Abraham Lincoln issued this special order to put an end to most slavery in the US aybout 250 years after organized slavery began
13th amendment added to the constitution to make slavery illegal
June 19, 1865 Gordon Granger, general of the Union army, announced in Texas that the war was over and slaves were free
June 19, 1866 - Juneteenth Texas slaves gathered to sing songs and celebrate and give speeches and talked about how thankful they were for their freedom
Life in Tx after Slavery life was hard, slaves had no education, they couldn't attend school or learn to read or write. It was hard for them to find jobs and were worried about where they would live. Life was difficult for years to come
Reconstruction period of time after the Civil War that lasted more than 10 years. People had to rebuild the South and rebuild their lives
Freedmen's Bureau US government decided to help newly freed people (African Americans) in 1865 to find jobs and homes
Sharecroppers farmers who did not own their own land, they farmed someone elses. They gave a portion of their crop to the landowner as payment. They were able to stay in homes (shacks) and were provided tools, animals, and seeds that were needed
Drought, bad weather because of this sharecroppers could not pay back landowners so they had to keep working until they could pay back their debt
March 30,1870 Texas rejoined the US
Edmund Davis became new governor when Texas once joined the US again
Created by: Caschenbeck