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SS6-Milestones Rev 1

SS - 6th - GA Milestones Review 1

What happened to the economy of Germany after WWI? Economy went into a deep depression because Germany had to pay war reparations.
Withdrawal from WWI, poverty, starvation, overthrow of the czar, civil war, and communism are associated with ____. Russian Revolution
1400s - helped Portugal lead exploration by providing money to study navigation, develop better boats, and encourage voyages along the coast of Africa Prince Henry
Reasons for establishment of European oversees colonies. 1. Europeans wanted to spread Christianity to other peoples. 2. European industry needed more natural resources. 3. Europeans thought colonies would buy European products.
Demanded Germany 1) pay reparations; 2) limit its military; 3) give up some of its land Treaty of Versailles
Causes of WWI 1) Militarism 2) Alliances 3) Imperialism 4) Nationalism
Policy of obtaining and occupying colonies to form an empire Imperialism
2 Superpowers involved in Cold War United States Soviet Union
Imaginary line separated the Communist countries from the rest of Europe Iron Curtain
Signaled end of Cold War Tearing down of the Berlin Wall
Murder of millions of Jews & other people in Europe Holocaust
Government that gives citizens full and equal rights to participate Democracy
Unitary government system concentrates its power in the ___ ___ Central government
Has power in an autocracy Dictator
Power is shared between central government and several regional governments (ex. Russia) Federal government system
Seized power in Russian following the Russian Revolution Communist Party
1600s - European counties that established colonies in the Americas France Spain Great Britain
Adolf Hitler's political party Nazi party
Created by: Lynn - TCMS