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Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion PASS Review

How did the geography of the West affect railroad builders and travel? The varied geography of the West discouraged many railroad builders and made travel to the West difficult.
What did the railroads have to cross? They crossed the vast Great Plains, the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, the deserts of the Great Basin and the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains.
What linked the Eastern and Western United States? In 1862 the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads began building a transcontinental railroad to link the Eastern and Western United States.
How did the development of the Transcontinental railroad affect development of the West? It was easier and less expensive to travel. It increased trade from the East to the West, and it encouraged more people to move west.
What groups of people worked on building the transcontinental railroad? Former Civil War soldiers, free African Americans, and Irish, German and Chinese immigrants worked on it.
Which group of workers were not treated fairly while working on the transcontinental railroad? Coolies or Chinese immigrants were often treated unfairly and were paid less than other workers.
How did the railroad change the Native Americans' way of life? It brought more settlers to their homelands and destroyed their game or animals they hunted.
What are reservations? They are land where the government resettled the Native Americans in hopes that the Native Americans would give up hunting and become farmers.
What were the Lakota leaders promised? In 1868, the Lakota leaders signed a treaty with the United States to create the Great Lakota Reservation. This promised them land on the Black Hills forever.
What was Colonel George Custer's mission? He worked with the Seventh Calvary to defeat the Lakota and force them onto a new reservation.
What did Crazy Horse do? He helped lead the Lakota to victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn, which was the biggest victory Native Americans ever won against United States forces; it led to the end of freedom for Native Americans.
What did the Homestead Act do? It gave 160 acres of land on the Great Plains to any adult man or widow who would pay a small fee and farm the land for five years. This encouraged settlement in the West.
Who were homesteaders? They were people who bought land under the Homestead Act.
Who are sodbusters? They are homesteaders on the Great Plains. They are called this because they had to work hard to make the thick soil suitable for planting crops.
What technology made life easier for the sodbusters? Technology such as windmills, steel plows and barbed wire made life for sodbusters a little easier.
Who were exodusters? African Americans pioneers who moved to the Great Plains.
Where did exodusters live? They started new lives in communities on the Great Plains, such as Nicodemus, Kansas.
What did cowboys do on cattle drives? They guided huge herds of cattle north to new railroad lines.
Who did ranchers sell their cattle to? They made large profits selling their cattle in the East.
What caused the cattle drives to come to an end? The conflicts between ranchers and farmers on the Great Plains and expanding railroad lines caused it to come to an end.
Why did people come to California? They went in search of gold during the gold rush.
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