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Social Studies Hfl

Definitions for Egypt

Menes King of upper Egypt he wore a double crown.
Pharaoh Menes became pharaoh first.
Unification Is the joining of seperate things.
Memphis Egypts capitol
Economy The economy is based on the money managment and the resources.
Hieroglyphics Was the writing system used by the egyptians. This consits of 800 symbols
Scribe Traveled throught the land to collect data. Never recorded how to make the pyramids. This is still unknown
Papyrus Is a reed plant that growns along the Nile River
Khufu Ordered construction of the great pyramid in 2600 bc
Thebes With this division of the country. The old kingdom came to an end.
Empire An empire is a group of lands ruled by one leader.
Ahomose Pharaoh Ahmose was a leader of a war with weapons.
Nubia Nubia is a kingdom of Egypt.
Valley Of Kings This is a resting place for over thirty pharaohs.
Tutankhaman Known for his wonderful tomb. He did nothing for Egypt.
Expedition Is a group of people who go on a trip for a set reason. This is usually for finding new land or to trade.
Punt Punt may have been what today is Ethiopia.
Hatshepsut Foremort+ {"First of the noble laddies."}
Kush Kush controlled rich trasde routes to other african countries.
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