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Knicks History

When were the Knicks created ? 1946
Who was the first owner ? Ned Irish
Who was the first coach? Joe Lapchick
Who did the Knicks draft in '48 but was taken by the Syracuse Nationals ? Dolph Schayes
Who became coach in 1956 ? Vince Boryla
Who was drafted by the Knicks in '64 and won rookie of the year ? Willis Reed
Who was hired as head coach after Dick McGuire ? Red Holzman
Who was drafted in 1967 in the 2nd round ? Phil Jackson
Who did the Knicks get for Walt Bellamy & Howard Komives ? Dave DeBusschere
Who took the Knicks 1st pick in '61 because they were an expansion and the NBA gave them the 2nd Pick ? Chicago Zephyrs
What was the longest winning streak in team history ? 18 strait victories
Who did the Knicks face in the 2nd round in 1970 ? Milwaukee Bucks
What was the trio the Knicks faced in the finals in '70 ? Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain
Who went down in the Finals in game 5 ? Willis Reed
What is probably the most famous quote in Knicks History ? "Here comes Willis"
Who did the Knicks trade Cazzie Russell for in '71 ? Jerry Lucas
What team did the Knicks trade with for Earl Monroe ? Washington Bullets
Who did the Knicks play in the finals in '73 who retired after Game 5 Wilt Chamberlain
Who did the Knicks draft is 1979 with the 3rd pick ? Bill Cartwright
After Red Holzman retired who became coach ? Hubie Brown
Who went down with injuries and spent the next 24 months rehabbing ? Bernard King
Who did the Knicks Win in the '85 draft Patrick Ewing
Created by: Knicks0103
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