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geo wk 8+9

I am a narrow body of water. I can be found between Sicily and Italy. What is my name? Strait of Messina.
What is the capital of the island nation off the coast of East Asia through which of the tropic of Cancer passes? Taipei (Taiwan) in China.
Which term does not belong: United States, Russia or Brazil? Why? Russia because it is not in America or Brazil because the US and Russia are completely in the Northern Hemisphere or the US because it is not the largest country on its continent.
Although platteaus and lowlands cover much of Africa, the continent does have some mountains. What is the name of the mountains in northwestern Africa? Atlas Mountains.
What is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. The highest peak in the Atlas Mountains is Mt. Toubkal at almost 13,7000 feet.
What is the highest peak in Africa? The highest peak in Africa is Kilimanjaro in Tanzania at more than 19,000 feet.
Which ocean borders Australia'a western coast? The Indian Ocean.
Which is the only ocean through which the equator does not pass? The Arctic Ocean.
Which ocean is the world's smallest ocean? The Arctic Ocean is the world's smallest ocean.
A good portion of this ocean stays frozen year round. The Arctic Ocean.
What is the international date line? It is the line at which the date changes by one day.
Where is the international date line? Except for some zigs and zags, it is at 180 degree meridian.
How do you jump forward a day by crossing the international date line? You cross the line from east to west.
How do you go back one day by crossing the international date line? You cross the line from west to east.
Which South American country has Buenos Aires as it's capital? Argentina.
What is the highest waterfall in the world? The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls.
Where is Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world located? It is located in Venezuela.
On which continent is Venezuela located? Venezuela is located on South America.
In which direction would you steer your boat to travel from Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands? You would steer your boat to the West.
Is Saudi Arabia in Asia or Africa? Asia.
What country has the world's greatest oil reserves? Saudi Arabia.
How much of the Arabian Peninsula does Saudi Arabia occupy? It occupies about 80% of the Arabian Peninsula.
Created by: higgihouse
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