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Review for STAAR Tesr #7

Who invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts? Eli Whitney
Created doctrine of nullification John C. Calhoun
Fought to improve the care of the mentally ill Dorthea Dix
6th President of the U.S John Quincy Adams
Inventor of the steel plow John Deere
Inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse
Indian policy that broke up reservations into individual plots Dawes Act
Act that helped owners recover their runaway slaves Fugitive Slave Act
Court case that said African Americans weren't U.S citizens Dred Scott v. Sandford
Federal government had the power to regulate trade between states Gibbons v. Ogden
A state could not tax a national bank and increased the power of the national goverment McCulloch v. Maryland
Believe in strong national government Federalist Party
"Abraham was the first president of the _________ party Republican
Painter of birds and other wildlife John James Audubon
Andrew Jackson was the first _________ Democrat
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