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Name 4 diseases Europeans passed to Native Americans. Smallpox, measles, scarlet fever, influenza
The French found wealth in what trade? FUR TRADE
Which group of people- the Spanish or the French taught Native Americans about Christianity in missions? Spanish
Which group of people – the Spanish of the French had more settlements? Spanish
Why did countries want to control the mouth of the Mississippi River? To control TRADE
Henry Hudson was looking for what passage? Northwest Passage
The main purpose of Jamestown settlement was to find _____________. GOLD
What crop became the cash crop of Jamestown? Tobacco
What is the main difference between an indentured servant and a slave? An indentured servant will work for a time period and then get their freedom, a slave is a slave for life.
Which region would more likely have these industries- fishing, shipping, lumber? New England, Middle, or Southern The New England colonies would be more likely, they built their economies based on these industries.
The Lost Colony Roanoke Island
Leader of Jamestown John Smith
The Plan of government for the Pilgrims Mayflower Compact
In the 13 colonies people learned how to do jobs by becoming ________________. Becoming an apprentice
Which economy was based on the forests and the sea? New England, Middle or Southern colonies New England
What was in the center of colonial towns Common
Which Patriot wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who wrote the book of Common Sense? Thomas Paine
Name the 4 rights guaranteed in the first amendment. Freedom of Speech, religion, press, and the right to assemble
Who led the British at the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War? Charles Cornwallis
What is the purpose of the judicial branch of the US government? to interpret or decide the meanings of laws.
What event made government leaders decide to revise the Articles of Confederation? Shay's Rebellion
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called? Bill of Rights
What document gives the government power to tax the states, create courts, and coin money? Constitution
The 3/5ths Compromise limited the number of slaves that counted toward taxation and _______________. Representation
Which branch of government is headed by the President? Executive
All early cities shared one geographic feature. What was it? Built near rivers
What direction did Native Americans have to move when they lost land in the NW Territory? West
The 13 colonies originally belonged to what country? England
What did the purchase of the Louisiana Territory do to the size of the U.S.? doubled the size of the U.S.
Name the 2 men who led the exploration of the Louisiana territory. Lewis and Clark
What geographic formation was a barrier to people moving west? Appalachian Mountains
Which branch of government makes the laws? Legislative
Who is known as the father of the Constitution? James Madison
People who were against the Constitution were called _____________. Anti-federalists
People who did not want to separate from England were called_______________. Loyalists
Why did these people – the Puritans, Pilgrims, Quakers, and Catholics come to America? Religious Freedom
Which person is known as the Path Finder? Daniel Boone
The last major battle of the Revolutionary War was fought at __________________. Yorktown
The first law making assemble in an English colony is the ____________________. House of Burgesses
. James Oglethorpe started the colony of ______________ for debtors. Georgia
Which economy was based on the forests and the sea? New England, Middle, or Southern Colonies. New England
. Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry
Refusing to buy products is called a ___________. Boycott
Which group in the colonies was responsible for spreading news? The Committee of Correspondance
What road passed through the Appalachian Mountains from Virginia to Kentucky? Wilderness Road
What city lies at the mouth of the Mississippi River? New Orleans
What was the name of the first permanent European settlement in the U.S.? St. Augustine
Name the Indian who taught the pilgrims how to grow corn. Squanto (Tisquantum)
Which group would agree with the book Common Sense? Loyalists or the Patriots Patriots
The document that explains our separation from British rule is the ___________________. The Declaration of Independence
The conflict between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan was settled by the ______________. The Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise)
To start a colony, what document do you need? A Charter
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