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the exile era

4 DIVISION OF THE EXILE ERA 1) prophesy 2) prophet 3) exile 4) power change
encourage faithfulness of exiles (Daniel and Ezekiel) prophets
Assimilated into the culture (Daniel) exiles
Persian empire expands (Daniel) power changes
what is THE BIG THEME OF THE EXILE ERA God keeps his covenants to the exiles by sending them prophets to both warn and encourage them
what was the significance of cyrus the great he was a military genius who showed kindness towards the people he conquered and also honored the local customs and religion; considered one of Gods the anointed once by the Jews
what was the significance of darius the great he utilized influence and material from all over his empire, which included Babylonia, Egypt, Mesopotamis and Greece
HOW THE PERSIAN RULERS MAINTAIN THEIR VAST KINGDOM o Broke empire down into provinces o Royal governors = satraps o They were loyal to the emperor and did his bidding
THE EVENTS AND RESULT OF THE 1ST PERSIAN WAR o Darius lost! Persian continued to lose its power to expand
• THE EVENTS AND RESULT OF THE 2ND PERSIAN WAR Xerxes lost o Persian has to retreat home in failure never again expand
• THE GRECIAN RULER WHO PUT AN END TO PERSIA o In November 333, Alexander the great and his trusted general parmenion defeated the Persian kin Darrius III codomannus on the uneven coastal plain south of Issus
Created by: Lauren Bowers
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