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Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Antebellum Time Period

Antebellum The period before the Civil War
Immigrant One who moves into a new country in order to settle there
Faction A small group with common goals within a larger group
Compromise A way to settle disagreements in which each side gives way a little on its demands
Suffrage The right to vote
Depression A severe, continued downtorn in the economy where sales and prices drop, manufacturing decreases, businesses close, banks fail, and people lose their jobs
Exports Goods sent or sold to another country
Factor A commercial agent who provides financial and business assistance to clients
Canal A manmade waterway that connects other bodies of water such as Louisiana's rivers and bayous
Internal Improvements Roads, bridges, canals, and other transportation needs
Manifest Destiny The belief by Americans that they were destined to spread out across the continent
Tutor A private teacher
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