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This study stack will teach you all about Australia in no time.

Who are the Aborigines? the first Australian tribe that lived the longest in the world.
Why is Australia known to be the lucky country? Because of their natural resources.(GOLD,IRON ORE,DIAMONDS,BEEF AND WOOL)
Why did British colonize Australia? After losing the war British jail were overcrowded.so they went out to colonize a country to send prisioners.
Who was the sailor sent by the British? James cook
What type of government does Australia have? it has a Federal government
Name 4 important physical features about Australia? Great barrier reef,Coral reef,Ayers rock,and the Great Victoria desert
What type of democracy does Australia have? it has a parliamentary Demorcracy
What kind of standard of living does Australia have? High because of there beautiful natural resources.
What is Australia's currency? The Australian dollar
Is Australia the largest gold mine? No but it is the 3rd largest gold mine.
What type of language does Australia speak? They speak English
When the Aborigines were living on the land what did they think of Ayerys rock? They thought the rock was there father
Why is Australia known to be the Penal colony? because before becoming a great country Australia was a prison colony.
What is Australia's economic system? Mixed because they are free
Created by: ruben and tre