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What are the three types of trade barriers? Tariff, Quota, Embargo.
Why is Australia called the lucky country? It has a lot of natural rescources for example; gold, diamonds, iron ore, uranium, coal, beef, wool, opals.
If a countries GDP is high, what type of standard of living would they have? High standard of living.
If a country has a monarch, will it affect their government at all? NO, because the Monarch does not have any power at all, people just honor the Monarch.(Queen Elizabeth).
What is the economic system for Australia?(Market,Mixed,Command) Market/Mixed.
What type of Democracy does Australia have? Parliamentary.
When the British colonized Australia, what happened to the Aborigines? Were killed by disease or settlers.
What kind of economy did the aborigines have? Traditional.
Who was James Cook? British explorer who colonized Australia.
Why were convicts placed on ships and put in penal (prison) colonies? Britain had overcrowded jails.
Who is the governor-general of Australia? Queen Elizabeth is the head of state and is represented by a governor-general.
What is Australias National identity? There past in 1770 European settlers Europe owned Australia.
What is the commonwealth of nations? All of the nations that Britain colonized.
Is Australia still owned by Britain today? No, because they became free citizens in 1986.
What were the capital goods? Natural resources.
What were the Human capital? Education.
What is the name of a person that starts there own business? Entrepreneur
Since Australia is a Mixed/Market Economy, what kind of things ARE the citizens able to do? Public projects , Create there own business, etc.
What is a Currency? A system of money in general use in a particular country.(in this case Australia)
If you know what a Currency is, then what is a Currency Exchange? A business that allows customers to exchange one currency for another currency.
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