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Australia Test review

What state is located farthest west? Western Australia
What physical feature is located in the Coral Sea? Great Barrier Reef
What physical feature is located in southwestern Australia? Great Victoria Desert
What state is located near the Great Barrier Reef? Queensland
What state is also an island? Tasmania
Where do most Australians live and work? Urban areas on the SE coast
Why is the percentage of people working on farms in Australia low? very little of the land is arable (It is mostly desert)
There head of government is elected by the legislative body and states and central share power. What type of government can be found in Australia? Parliamentary democracy
Who do citizens in Australia elect into office in their parliamentary democracy? members of the parliament
What economic system is based on supply and demand? market
What type of economic system would the aboriginal people have had? traditional
If Australia stopped trading with another country to try to force them to change, what type of trade barrier was used? embargo
What is it called when you have to switch the money used in order to do business with another country? currency exchange
What two economic trade barriers restrict or limit trade, but do not completely stop trade between countries? tariffs and quotas
If a company invests in people and education what are they investing in? human capital
If a company invests in new technology what are they investing in? capital goods
What country colonized Australia because of loss of US colonies, overpopulated prisons, and discovery of Australia by William Dampnier? United Kingdom
What happened to the aborigines as a result of colonization? killed by disease, pushed of land, treated unfairly, children taken away, lower standard of living
What type of economic system has laws to protect business owners and consumers, but still allows consumers and producers to set prices with little government control? Mixed
What type of economic system does Australia have? Mixed
What does a governor-general do? He/She is the queen's voice in countries where she does not live.
What two countries have a governor-general? Canada and Australia
Where do most of the people live in Australia and why do they live there? SE coasts, good climate, good resources, two major rivers (the rest of Australia is outback)
Who is the head of government in Australia? Prime Minister
Who is the head of state in Australia? Queen of England
Who are the Stolen Generations? The half-caste aboriginal children that were removed from their home by the Australian government
How are indigenous people still discriminated against today? Not represented in constitution, lower standard of living, lower literacy rate, lower life expectancy, more health issues, higher imprisonment rate
What is Uluru and where is it located? A huge red rock formation located in central Australia
What type of economic systems allows the national government to control businesses? Command
What is the capital of Australia and where is it located? Canberra and it is in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory)
Created by: mgilmour



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