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Beginner 2- French

French Study Stack for College Boreal's Beginner Two French Class

What is an Imperatif? Demand
What do you not use with imperatifs? Pronouns
define: à to/at
define: de from
define: pour for
define: vers toward
define: avec with
define: dans in
define: par by
define: jusqu'au upto (m.)
define: jusqu'a upto (f.)
define: jusqu'aux upto (pl.)
define: sous under
define: devant in front
define: entire between
define: derriere behind
define: descendre to go down
define: monter to go up
define: entrer to enter, to come in
define: tourner to turn
define: sortir to exit, to leave
define: passer devant to go ahead
define: traverser to cross
define: aller jusqu'a bout to go to the end
define: suivre to follow
define: continuer to continue
What three groups are used with Inperatifs? 2e groupe personne singulair (tu) 1re groupe personne pluriel (nous) 2e groupe personne pluriel (vous)
What is the 2e groupe personne singulair? tu
What is the 1re groupe personne pluriel? nous
What is the 2e groupe personne pluriel? vous
How do you use passe compose? Use avoir (or etre) in the present plus the participe passe
What are the endings for participe passe? Groupe 1 (ER) => E Groupe 2 (IR) => I Groupe 3 => I, S, T, U
How do you use le passe recent? Use venir in the present plus 'de' plus the infinitif.
How do you use le present continu? Use etre in the present plus "en train de" plus the infinitif
Created by: JenniLynn