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Mrs. Beeman

Mrs. Beemans 5th Grade History Class- Chapter 9 Vocab

communism a form of government that owns all of the businesses and property and makes all the decisions.
democracy a form of government in which the people make the decisions
dictatorship a form of government that has total control over people's lives
exile to force to leave the country
Fascist Italian political party that supported Mussolini's dictatorship
censor to examine materials for unapproved ideas
collective individual farms that were combined into larger government owned farms
empire a group of lands and countries under one government
concentration camps where prisoners were taken to do heavy labor
revolution rebellion against the government
the Holocaust the time of Jewish persecution during Hitler's Reich
Nuremberg Laws laws taking away the freedom of the Jews
Nagasaki & Hiroshima Japanese cities that the United States dropped atomic bombs on
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Joseph McCarthy accused the people in the United States government of being Communist
Douglas MacArthur Japan changed to a democracy under his leadership
Iron Curtain the imaginary dividing line between Eastern Europe and Western Europe after World War II
Star of David a yellow star every Jew was forced to wear on his clothing
atheist a person who does not believe in God
Mein Kampf a book written by Hitler
Reich the German Empire, especially during the Nazi period
Hirohito emperor of Japan during World War II
Adolf Hitler the leader of the German Nazi Party and the dictator of Germand during World War II
Showa a nickname given to Hirohito
der Fuhrer title preferred by Hitler, meaning "the leader"
Brownshirts or storm troopers Hitler's private army
Gestapo Hitler's secret state police force used to find enemies of the government
Benito Mussolini leader of the Italian Socialists Party and the dictator of Italy during World War II
Il Duce title chosen by Mussolini for himself meaning "the leader"
Blackshirts a group that would harm or kill anyone who did not agree with Mussolini
Joseph Stalin the Communist leader of the Soviet Union during World War II
man of steel nickname given to Joseph Stalin
All done Study well for the test .Hope you do a great job on it
Created by: jnjfarace