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Chapter 8 Vocab

Social Studies

annul to cancel
divine right a belief in early Europe that a king's authority to rule was granted by God, not the people
indulgence a pardon from the Catholic Church for a person's sins
Reformation movement to reform the Catholic Church ; led to creation of Protestantism
theology the study of religion and God
clarify to make something easier to understand
philosophy the study of nature and the meaning of life
energy to be very active and motivated
consent to approve of what is done
eliminate to get rid of something
denomination an organized branch of Christianity
heresy belief that differs from or contradicts the accepted teachings of a religion
predestination belief that no matter what a person does, the outcome of his or her life is already planned by God
seminary school for training and educating priests and ministers
conclude to decide on something by reasoning and investigating
resource a reserve of supplies
contradict to say the opposite of what someone else had said
convert to change from one belief to another
impact to have a strong effect on someone or something