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SS-Chs. 4 & 5

Regions textbook Chs. 4 & 5

What physical features are found along the New England coast? thick forests, bays, capes, and harbors
What is a cape? a point of land that reaches out into the ocean
What is a Pilgrim? a person who makes a journey for religious reasons
How did the Pilgrims survive the second winter? the Native Americans helped them learn to live on their new land
Why did many cities in the Northeast become centers of trade? they are located on major bodies of water
What is an import? goods brought INTO a country
What is an export? goods sent OUT of a country
What is international trade? trade between nations
Why were ships important to the colonists? ships were used for fishing, travel, and trade with Europe
What is population? the number of people who live in a place
Why did many people move to the coastal cities in the Northeast? many industries were built in the cities and trading was easier
What was Ellis Island? immigrants from at least 50 countries stopped there on their way to the United States
What is now at Ellis Island? the Statue of Liberty
How has urban sprawl changed cities? it caused cities to grow with suburbs
What kind of soil covers much of New England? poor and rocky
Why do New England farmers only raise certain crops? many crops do not grow well in New England’s soil and cool climate
What did the glaciers do to the land in New England? they wore down mountains and carried away fertile soil
How is most land in New England used? farming
What is produce? fresh fruits and vegetables
What is a truck farm? farms close to the city so that fresh vegetables and fruits can be taken to market
How is much of the land in the Middle Atlantic states different from the land in New England? the land in the Middle Atlantic states is mostly fertile
How was the United States changing in the 1800s? factories were making most of the products needed by the people
How is an agricultural economy different from an industrial economy? agricultural-people made everything that they needed industrial-factories made most everything that people needed
What is a navigable river? a river that is deep and wide enough for ships to use
Why were ships on the Great Lakes not able to reach the Atlantic Ocean? there was no waterway to connect the two bodies of water
What is a canal? a waterway dug across the land
How did the Erie Canal affect trade? it caused trade to boom
What was the Erie Canal called when DeWitt Clinton first proposed building it? Clinton’s Ditch
What is a lock used for? to raise and lower ships to get to other bodies of water
Why is the St. Lawrence Seaway important to cities along the Great Lakes? it links several inland ports on the Great Lakes and made trade easier
How do you think that the Erie Canal affected the growth of New York City? New York grew quickly
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