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Westward Expansion

The U.S. pushing west for more land

How did the U.S. acquire the thirteen colonies? They obtained the thirteen colonies from Great Britain after fighting in the American Revolution, which they won, and signed the Treaty of Paris, which gave them this land.
How did the US get the Ohio River Valley and Great Lakes Region. The U.S. got the Ohio River Valley through the French and Indian war because Great Britain won the war and won this land, and then the treaty of Paris granted them this land because they had helped fight in the war.
How did the US obtain the Florida territory? Andrew Jackson chased after Seminole indians into the Florida territory, which caused a political stir, when the US apologized to Spain, they said they wouldn't touch the Texas territory, and they got Florida after signing the Adams-Onis Treaty 1819.
How did the US obtain the Red River Basin? British controlled Canada and the U.S. disputed over the border. They agreed to set the line at the 49* and to share ownership of the Oregon territory during the Convention of 1818. *degree in latitude
How did the US obtain the Louisiana territory? The United States obtained the Louisiana territory from France, who was fighting in the French and Indian war and needed money to pay fighting expenses, so the US bought the territory for $15 million.
How did the US get the Texas Annexation Spain owns Mexico. Mexico got freedom from Spain. Cotton boom in the US pushes settlers further West to the Texas Territory controlled by Mexico. Mexico bans slavery and the Texans rebel and they are their own country for 9 years until they join the U.S.
How did the US get the land in the Gadsden Purchase? This was disputed land between the US and Mexico. the US wanted to build the Trans-Continental Railroad through this territory so US bought this land for $10 million.
How did the US get the Oregon territory? British and Americans jointly occupy the territory. The Americans outnumber the British and so they negotiated to extend the 49* line and that way Britain still has Vancouver and there is more territory for the Americans.
How did the Americans get the Mexican Cession territory? After U.S. took over Texas there's a border dispute. Rio Grande or Nueces River. US cavalry stayed on the Rio Grande and fight then broke out. Mexican-American War. They signed the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. The US pays $15 million for half of Mexico.
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