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S. S. Ch. 13

Cotton Gin A machine that removes seeds from short-staple cotton made by Eli Whitney
Cotton Belt High cotton production in the South, as west as Texas
Cotton is King Economy of the south and would fail w/o cotton
Romantic South-Southern Hospitality South was nice and kind to slaves, but in reality, they weren't
Planters Large scale farmers who held more than 20 slaves
Plantation Large farm lots
Yeomen Owners of small farms
Slave Drivers Supervised slave work
Gang-labor system Field hands worked on the same task at the same time
House slaves Better working conditions than slaves in the field
Skilled labor Skilled jobs
Slave Auction Slaves would be bought, sold, and split from families
Slave Codes Strict laws to control slaves
Slave Community Culture Kept living in their cultur
Folktails Stories with a moral
Slave Connection to Old Testament Slaves in Egypt who had faith that they would someday be free
Spirituals Emotional Christian songs that blended African and European music
Nat Turner's Rebellion Most violent slave revolt in the U. S. occurred in 1831
Created by: archergirl