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JH American History

Notgrass American History Unit 23

Arsenal A place of storage or a magazine containing arms and military equipment for land or naval service.
Artillery Mounted projectile-firing guns or missile launchers, mobile or stationary, light or heavy, as distinguished from small arms.
Conscientious Governed by conscience; controlled by or done according to one's inner sense of what is right.
Incendiary Relating to the criminal setting on fire of property.
Ration A fixed allowance of provisions or food, especially for soldiers or sailors or for civilians during a shortage.
Aristocratic Having manners, values, or qualities regarded as the best, most elegant, or most stylish of its kind.
Debut The first appearance of something, as a new product.
Retreat The forced or strategic withdrawal of an army or an armed force before an enemy, or the withdrawing of a naval force from action.
Alumnae A woman who is a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.
Rural characteristic of the country, country life, or country people; agriculture.
Warden A Person charged with the care or custody of persons, animals, or things; keeper.
Wattage The amount of power required to operate an electrical appliance or device.
Federal Relating to or adhering to the support of the Constitution.
Nuclear Pertaining to or involving atomic weapons.
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