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AH2 Midterm Stack #3

18th Amendment This amendment made the buying and selling of alcohol illegal
stock market Americans began investing in this in the 1920's; When it crashed, the Great Depression began
quota a limit or accepted amount; put in place to limit immigrants from entering the country
New Deal FDR's plan which helped people during the Great Depression
isolationism the idea that America should not interfere with the affairs of other countries.
Great Depression The “Bust” at the end of the 1920’s led to this; it lasted from 1929 until World War II
drought severe lack of rainfall; During the Great Depression in the 1930's, life became hard for farmers due to _____ and dust storms.
unattainable synonym for unachievable; Unattainable The American Dream of the 1920’s became _____ after the “Bust.”
appeasement when a country lets another country have its way in order to avoid a conflict
Axis Power Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union in WWII
Battle of Midway WWII battle was a key victory for the Allies because it caused irreparable damage to the Japanese navy
Marshall Plan Plan that provided European countries nearly $13 billion to help them rebuild after World War II
Israel nation was established by the United Nations in order to create a homeland for the Jewish people and provide Jews protection from religious persecution
D-Day The first day of the Battle of Normandy
Tuskegee Airmen first black American pilots
Prohibition The time period during which the manufacture and sale of alcohol was illegal
Created by: jhanes2
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