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South East Asia

3 French Speaking Countries Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Climate tropical, 6 months of monsoons, 6 months dry
Geography hills and mountains
History Ancient kingdoms for more than 2000 years Mid-nineteenth century, arrival of the French (never quite welcome there) 1954: end of the Indochina war, independence
The Mekong River hydro electricity, lots of dams, excellent for production of rice in delta
Politics May 8th, 1954, French Indochina becomes independent South Vietnam: capitalist country communist North Vietnam. Vietnam war The North won the war, Vietnam was unified
Current Politics Vietnam/Laos:socialist republics, Cambodia: parliamentary monarchy
Economy Mostly agriculture Culture and export of rice In Vietnam, rubber and coffee crops Few minerals and some offshore oil fields Coal, and natural gas; minerals and gems such as nickel, iron, copper, and tin
Languages and Religions Vietnamese, Lao and Khmer Vietnamese has been greatly enriched by Chinese (as much as 70% of the words are originally Chinese) Buddhism is the dominant religion In Vietnam, large Christian minority
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