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Central Africa

Geography Almost all geographical features are found,Desert - northern Chad, Savannas - northern Cameroon and Central African Republic, forests in Cameroon, CAR, Gabon and Congo The Congo and Amazon basin are the main pole of ecological balance on the planet.
First Inhabitants First inhabits in the South: Pygmees. Later, Bantous came from North Africa, 15th century: arrival of Portuguese sailors/merchants: slave trade,
Colonization Colonization started in the late 19th century, After Germany lost WWI, Cameroun was split between France and GB, French colonies were grouped under the (AEF) until 1960
Politics and Economy Republics with Presidents Democratic and several parties Gulf of Guinée: rich in oil. Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and Chad are oil producers Only Cameroon can rely on agriculture for exports; otherwise, the only export is oil Cameroon: cocoa and coffee
Languages The Bantou group: bamiléké, éwondo, bassa, fang, lingala Nigero-Congolese group: sango Nilo-Saharian group: arabic mixed with local dialects (mostly Chad) In Cameroon, 25% of the population is English-speaking
Religions Dominant: christian North Cameroon/Chad: islam Animism Ancestral practices survive: polygamy in Cameroon (Bamilékés) Many “magical” rituals are performed for important rites of passage (marriage, births, deaths, coming to power of chiefs, etc.)
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