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southern colonies

refuge a safe place
royal colony a colony controlled by a king
proprietary colony a colony controlled by a proprietor (person or group of people)
toleration act act passed in Maryland that gave religious freedom to all Christians
constitution a written plan of government
debtors people who had been put in prison for owing money
backcountry what the settlers called the land beyond ,or "in the back" the area settled by Europeans
great wagon road Native American trail used by settlers to travel into the backcountry with loaded wagons
planter plantation owner
overseer a person hired by plantation owners to watch enslaved people as they work
indigo the dye produced by plants to use in the cloth making process
interdependence depending on one another for economic resources
broker a person who is paid to buy and sell for someone else
calverts the family that started Maryland colony
lords proprietors the eight English leaders of the Carolina colony
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