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Swaggy Flashcards

Active voice When the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action in a sentence
Adage A saying that sets forth a general truth that has gained credibility through long use over time
Affix One or more letters occurring as a bound form attached to the beginning, end, or base of a word and serving to produce a derivative of a word
Allusion An implied or indirect reference to literature, to a familiar person, and/or event
Analogy An extended comparison showing the similarities of two things
Analysis Using a close reding of texts(s) to examine the relationships/connections among ideas, details, and/or examples referenced there
Central Idea The unifying element of a piece of text
Bias The subtle presence of a positive/negative approach to a topic
Chronologically The sequential order in which events occur
Classification A strategy a writer uses to group ideas that are similar/related
Convey To communicate or make known
Correlative Conjunction Words that are used in pairs
Demonstrate To make evident or prove
Denotate The direct or dictionary meaning of a word
Distinguish To mark off as different
Key Event An important occurrence within a text
Literary Text Imaginative or creative text that is generally a narrative story
Indicative Mood The form of a verb takes in sentences that make a statement or question
Integrate To combine information to produce a larger unit or whole
Irrelivant Not relating to an issue or that which does not support an issue
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