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Civ War HGHS

Civil War Study Guide

This group in Congress pushed for a punishing form of Reconstruction for the South Radical Republicans
This abolished slavery in the USA 13th Amendment
What economic system allowed farmers to rent a piece of land for a portion of a years crop yield Share Crop System
This abolished slavery in the states that were in Rebellion against the Federal Government Emancipation Proclamation
This stated that all native born or naturalized people in the U.S. A. were citizens 14th Amendment
This provided for the withdrawal of Federal troops from the South and ensured Hayes the presidency Compromise of 1877
This said a president must have Senate approval to remove a cabinet member Tenure of Office Act
This authorized the use of Federal troops to fight terrorist groups Enforcement Acts
This prohibited any state from limiting the right to vote because of race 15th Amendment
This provided legal,educational and medical services to former slaves and poor whites in the South Freedman's Bureau
This unofficially regulated lives of former slaves in the South Black Codes
This enabled farmers to pledge their crops against loans Crop Lien System
David Faragut captured what important port city from the South in 1862 New Orleans
What were the four slave states remaining in the Union called Border States
This man captured both Vicksburg and Richmond for the Union U.S. Grant
This first major land battle of the war hinted that it would not be a quick war Bull run
The Monitor was an ironclad ship for this side in the Civil War Union
This man fought R.E. Lee to a draw at the Battle of Antietam George McClellan
She is the founder of the Red Cross Clara Barton
Although a major victory Lincoln was disappointed in General Meade at this battle for failing to follow Lee Gettysburg
After capturing Atlanta this man went on to take Savannah W.T. Sherman
This President felt that freed blacks should go back and work for their former owners Andrew Johnson
What was Mathew Brady famous for during the Civil War Photography
This is the name of the Northern Ironclad Ship Monitor
This battle allowed Lincoln to free the slaves in the states in rebellion with the Emancipation Proclamation Antietam
Famous Radical Senator from Mass. that wanted to punish the South Charles Sumner
This woman highly connected to the Confederate government kept a diary detailing the conditions in the South Mary Chestnut
He was the Union commander at Gettysburg George Meade
Why was Hiram Revels important First African American Senator form Mississippi
What event was Edwin Stanton a major player in Impeachment of Andrew Johnson ( Tenure of Office Act)
Union General U.S. Grant forced the surrender of Vicksburg and what other important Southern city Richmond
What was the first state to secede from the union South Carolina
David Faragut was responsible for the union victory at this, largest city in the South New Orleans
What first battle of the Civil War hinted that it was not going to be a quick war Bull Run or Manassas
Yes or No? Radical Republicans believed that freed slaves should go back to work for their former owners No
What was the name given to Northerners who went south to influence politics and make a profit Carpetbaggers
What did the Civil Act of 1867 propose Citizenship for former slaves
What were Southerners who worked with the Northern Government after the war called Scalawags
What did Lincoln do when the South won the first battle of Bull Run/Manassas Called for more volunteers
Who took over the presidency after Lincoln was assassinated, also, where was he from Andrew Johnson,Tennessee
What secret group used violence to intimidate southern supporters of the Federal Government as well as former slaves KKK
Who was the Republican candidate for the presidency in 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes
Who was the Democratic candidate for the presidency in the election of 1876 Samuel J. Tilden
What impact did the Amnesty Act of 1872 have on the Democratic Party in the South Strengthened it
What political party did the KKK want to see returned to power Democratic Party
This person negotiated surrender terms for the South at Appomatox, Va R.E.Lee
Who saved the day for the Confederates at the 1st Battle of Bull Run/Manassas Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
Name the four Boreder States Mo, Ky, Md, Del.
What was Lincoln's main goal at the start of the Civil War End Secession-keep the country together
Which battle was the turning point of the Civil War Gettysburg
Name the Northern strategies at the start of the Civil War Blockade, Control the Miss. River, Capture Richmond
Name the Southern Strategies at the start of the Civil War Break the Blockade, Fight a defensive war, Capture Washington DC if possible, Get outside help-GB
What battle marked the high water mark for the Confederacy Battle of Chancellorsville
Created by: Mr Schultz
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