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Cold War

1950s and the Cold War

Following WWII the increase in births was known as... the baby boom.
This group of students was the first black students to attend an all white high school in Arkansas The Little Rock 9
This plan was an attempt to aid destroyed European countries so they would not fall to communism. The Marshall Plan.
This was the tension between the two super powers following WWII. The Cold War.
The first conflict following WWII it was an attempt to contain communism. (Not allow it to spread.) The Korean War.
These troops fought against the UN forces in the Korean war. The USSR, China and North Korea.
How does the Truman Doctrine differ from the Marshall Plan. The Truman Doctrine was the theory and the Marshall plan was how it would work.
Who was Mao Zedong? First Communist dictator of China.
What good did Mao Zedong do? He standardized the Chinese language which allowed the Gospel to be spread quickly.
The man became the Communist Dictator of Cuba in 1959 Fidel Castro
This would help blacks earn true equal rights. The Civil Rights movement.
The ruling was the beginning of the end of school segregation. Brown vs. the Board of Education.
Americans felt the greatest threat to their freedom was.... Communism.
Free nations kept Stalin from taking over all of Berlin and ultimately Germany through this The Berlin Airlift
Following WWII this country took control of several surrounding countries. The USSR
One post WWII change in America was... the creation of large tracts of homes outside the city.
The woman refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. Rosa Parks
This man was the creator of the theory of communism Karl Marx
Created by: Mrs. Tims