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unit 6 test

qualifications for U.S President live in the U.S for 14 years before becoming president, 35 years old, has to be a natural-born citizen
Qualifications to become Governor 30 years old, registered to vote in VA atleast 5 years prior to election
Term of the Virginia Governor 4 years
Chief of diplomat makes treaties, hosts foreign dignitaries (leaders), conducts foreign relations, appoints ambassadors to foreign countries
chief of executive acts as “boss” to all government workers in the executive branch, appoints officials to help run the executive branch-officials such as cabinet secretaries ,white house staff. regulatory agency leaders, ect
chief of legislator approves vetos bills passed by congress , proposes new laws, calls special sessions of congress.gives state of union, prepares yearly budget
chief of party helps raise money for their political party, makes speeches foe party members running for office
chief of state represents the U.S and its people, preforms ceremonial duties
commander-and-chief head of armed forces, has final say in planing for war, can not declare war but can send troops over for 60 days
judicial leader appoint federal judges and supreme court justices, can grant pardons and reprieves, can lessen someones prison sentence
war power act can not declare war but can send troops over for 60 days
order of the presidential succession Vice president speaker of the house president pro tempore of senate cabinet secretaries
How many presidents have we had in the United States as of today 44
the leader of Chesterfield County Executive Branch mayor
how the leader of Chesterfield County Executive Branch got his job elected by city council or voters
What is the role of the VA Executive Branch carry out the laws
Powers of the President chief diplomat, chief executive, chief legislator, chief of party, chief of state, commander-and-chief, Judaical leader
powers of VA’s Governor chief of state, chief of legislator, chief of party, commander-and-chief, and chief administrator
name of Virginia’s current Governor Terry McAuliffe
what does Lt. Governor do takes over for governor of needed, leader of Virginia senate
what does Attorney General do acts as the lawyer for Virginia in court and gives opinion on state laws if needed
what is the Primary Role of the state and local government exercise legislative,executive, and judicial powers
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