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AH2 Review #1

Manifest Destiny The idea that Americans had the right and duty to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
Louisiana Purchase In 1803, the United States doubled in size because of this purchase from France
mercantilism The idea that colonies should make money for the mother country
Constitution This document was written to replace the weak Articles of Confederation
War of 1812 War that happened because of tension between the young U.S. and England
Chinese This immigrant population contributed greatly to the construction of the railroad
Buffalo Soldiers Black soldiers in the U.S. army; Native Americans referred to them as ___.
Chinese Exclusion Act An 1880's federal law that restricted Chinese immigration to the U.S.
Dawes Severalty Act Act that gave Native Americans land hoping they would learn to farm and adopt settler’s way of life
Monroe Doctrine A policy that said if European countries tried to settle or cause trouble in North or South America, the United States would take action to stop them.
industry What is the production of goods called?
Industrial Revolution The period of time in American history that focused on machines, factories, and industry.
Ellis Island The East Coast point of entry for European immigrants arriving in America
Nineteenth This amendment gave women the right to vote
Jane Addams She founded Hull House in Chicago to provide education, child care, and social activities to the poor
Created by: jhanes2