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vtp quiz

constitution document stating the rules under which a government will operate
article of confederation the first American constitution that created an alliance of independence states (1777)
executive is a person who runs the government and sees the laws are carried out.
land ordinance of 1785 congress had to devise a system for land sales and settlement
northwest ordinance investors were eager to buy land in the northwest territory, north of the Ohio River
economic (d)epression (traded policy) | drop raise each state tried to help its own farmers and manufacturers by setting taxes on goods brought it from other (farming) states
shays rebellion (1780's) a severe economic depression hit the unites states
constitutional convention 1787 phil. (summer) the nation great leader passed in and out of the state house. meeting article rights a new conation
judicial branch would consist of a system of courts to interpret the law
compromise is an agreement in which each side gives up parts of what it wants
3-5 compromise (1808 Atlantic slaves trade left) southern delegates said that enslaves people should be counted in calculating now many represtatives a state should have in congress.
ratify approve
republic r=Rome a government in which citizens rule themselves through elected representative
separation of power the idea that powers of government must be clearly defined and divided into legislate executive and judicial branches
check the balance each branch of government has the power to check, or limite, the action of the other two
federalism division of power between the rederal government and the state
bill proposal for an new law
unconstitutional this is, not allowed under the constitution
amending changing ,the constitution
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