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Unit 8

mrs t's reform and culture

the temperance movement spoke out against alcohol; this was because they believed that it had what kind of influence on American society, and that it directly led to negative / violence
who was Walt Whitman, and how did he contribute to the advancement of American Literature american poet, wrote "Leaves of Grass" came up with free verse
the second great awakening had a major influence on society during this time period, why was this it motivated reformers, but led to class and regional differences
who were the three main women who were founding members of the Suffrage movement 1. Susan B Anthony 2. Lucretia Mott 3. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
what role did the Hudson River School play in the development of American Art artists painted landscapes to show man's connection to nature
why did reformers during this time period push for government funding of public education democracy needs educated citizens to function properly
what were three main reform movements during this time period 1. temperance 2. women's rights (suffrage movement) 3. abolition
what segment of the population took an active role in the Reform Era women
how did the reform movement improve care for the disabled, this included both physical and mental turned towards caring for these people, creating hospitals to take care of them
what was the only achievement of the Women's Rights movement during this time period a shorter work day
Fredrick Douglas was a leading Abolitionist during this time period, how did he contribute to this movement he spoke and wrote about his early life as a slave
why was the Temperance Movement fully supported by the reform movements of this era alcoholism was having a negative impact on American society
who was John James Audubon, and how did he contribute to the field of Science during this time period his drawings of American birds contributed to the scientific community and provided a better understanding of anatomy
how did Henry David Thoreau exercise his belief in Civil Disobedience he went to jail for refusing to pay taxes to a government that supported slavery
what was the main subject of American art and literature during this time period nature
all of these were concerned with what subject 1. Uncle Tom's Cabin 2. The North Star 3. The LIberator slavery
what was the overall goal of the Women's Rights Movement suffrage, the right to vote
during this time period the U.S. saw a huge influx in immigration, which group comprised the largest amount of immigrants to the U.S., and what was the major contributing factor the Irish (Ireland)
what was the major contributing factor for the largest group of immigrants to come to America the Potato Famine
what was the subject of the Seneca Falls Convention of 1842 pushing for women to have the right to vote
what were the PUSH factors that led to immigration population growth, agriculture changes, religious and political turmoil, crop failure, and industrial revolution
what where the PULL factors that led to immigration freedom, economic opportunity, and abundant land
Dorothea Dix's work with the mentally ill led to a new thought process when dealing with these people, what new thought process was introduced states began treating these people instead of treating them like criminals
Created by: stallarita
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